04 Ph 1 Tube room dog logo.jpg

Phase 1

Size - 13,500sqft

Duration - 12 weeks

Location - The chq building, Dublin 1

Collaborators:- Harry Browne, Robbie Reid, RKD Architects

The original conversion of Dogpatch from a defunct furniture store into office space formed the main bulk of Phase 1. The nature of startup culture required creative and innovative ways of forming space and creating spaces for emerging companies to thrive and grow. Timber wine boxes were adapted as shelving; re-purposed postal tubes stacked together became meeting room partitions; timber was reclaimed for making furniture and salvaged ventilation turbines formed coffee tables. These materials sit nicely with the old red brick walls of the storehouse, while workers are offered views out to the sophisticated cast-iron roof structure. 

The spatial management of an active office floor was necessary for the smooth running of the space as a viable company. In a world where desk-space = revenue the maximising of leasable office space was necessary while still retaining the casual characteristics of Dogpatch which makes it so attractive to potential tenants.

The feeling of old and new resonates throughout the building and tells a number of stories through its layered history.