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Ross East, Pontoon, Co. Mayo Ireland

Planning 2018

This 4 bedroom detached house was undertaken for a young family local to the area. The site is located on land adjacent to the family homestead and on a gentle slope overlooking nearby lakes and valleys.

By separating the main visual volume of the project the overall mass of the project is disguised to suit the context. The H style layout also allows for easy separation of private and less private functions of a modern home while also allows for the creation of courtyard spaces to the rear, ideal for the shelter and supervision of a new family.

The shorter block houses living space which offers generous views beyond while the longer sleeping block acts as a backdrop and shelter to the internal court. Internally, simple muted tones lend a relaxed and snug air to the project while space is maximised using built in furniture and storage. Space and ceiling heights expand and contract depending on the function of the room creating snug spaces for relaxation and generous space for entertaining and gathering.

Externally natural stone cladding help ground the facade in the vernacular while modern proportioned opes