Daniel J Moran
M.Arch, BSc(Arch)

Daniel is a published designer with a Master’s Degree in Architecture from UCD, Ireland.

Following his studies at the Bauhaus University in Germany, and University College Dublin, Daniel worked as a freelance designer in Dublin before working in the residential and commercial sector in New York City.

His work has been featured in national design journals as well as independent publications alike. He has valuable experience in carrying out large scale projects from pre-planning to handover with multinational clients and in conservation settings as a designer and project manager.

He considers his work as being representative of that of an experimental framework combined with a practical and contextual led approach to design. His portfolio to date combines work at a variety of scales from the personal to the public. Specifically his experience in office space design and private residential dwellings displays his comfort and aptitude with fine detailing as well as the issues of larger setting and consequential intervention. 

Currently seeking opportunities in New York Daniel still holds a strong base in these values and a respect for hands-on and practice led design.

T:-  (+1) 917-593-2460