Pivotal Labs 

Size -8,000sqft

Duration - 16 weeks

Location - The chq building, Dublin 1

Collaborators:- Carew Kelly Architects, Pivotal Labs

The client Pivotal Labs, a subsidiary of EMC counts amongst it’s clients BMW, Coca Cola and several major banking institutions. Their unique form of consultancy pairs their consultants with a revolving teams of clients for one on one training which calls for a rather specific form of workplace layout.

The brief called for a strong brand identity to be declared to visiting clients while still maintaining the comfortable working environment Pivotal enjoyed in the co-working space below.

Working within the 200 year old cast Iron roof structure of the CHQ building called for delicate design solutions while still bringing this historic building up to modern workplace fire and access code. The unique space posed its own problems for lighting and cooling solutions and called for innovative solutions at every turn.

Astute design and diligent collaboration across a well pedigree'd design team allowed the delivery of a suitable space for a world class tech consultancy firm within this historic building.