Phase 2 - The Vaults

Size - 8,000sqft

Duration - 16 weeks 

Location - The chq building, Dublin 1

Collaborators:- Harry Browne, Daniel Moran, Darmody Architects,

“Phase 2 of Dogpatch Labs”  expanded the office downstairs into the vaulted spaces beneath historically used for storing wine and whiskey as part of the bonded warehouses of Customs House Quay.

The setting provided its own challenge as a carefully curated palette of colours and materials was required to retain the character of the space. A more refined sense of place was needed to cater for a more corporate client while it was felt that it was important to stay in keeping with the playfulness and bootstrap nature of startup culture. Reclaimed iroko salvaged from elsewhere in the building and other redundant mechanical pieces repurposed as furniture further ground the contemporary insertions in the space.

Given the geometry and hard landscape of the space acoustic design solutions became very important in presenting the space as a viable place for meetings, events and 21st century business. Conservation also played an important role in retaining the dignity and character of the historic vaults and collaboration with conservation architects and the current building owners was a large factor in driving the project to completion.

Personal responsibilities involved the design, preparation of construction drawings and management of several custom furniture pieces and overall management of the interior fit-out contract (to include acoustic treatment, furniture specification and lighting).